Song-Riddle Haikus

The product of hours of boredom in transit, this is a list of song-riddle haikus. Can you guess the songs and artists based on the poems? Some of the haikus are freestyle, for a lack of a better term, but others follow the constraints Adam and I decided to put on them.

These are the constraints: the first two lines must reference the song title or lyrics somehow, and the final line must reference the artist or group. Haikus with the final (artist) line italicized follow these constraints, haikus without italicization do not follow the constraints, and may not refer to an artist at all.

Enjoy! Anyone who can tell me the answers to them all will be treated to free beer. Check back for periodic updates.

December 06, 2010
Ain't Billy Joel song!
Featuring Alicia Keys:
Ten twenty-six

To love and to hate
Sometimes hate wins and she dies
Weapons and flowers

The drugs hit me hard
Acting funny, hard to see
Allow me a kiss

Heaven needs no cash
All that glitters isn't gold
Poorly designed blimp

Remove the females
I want to hear no bitching
Actor, Boondock Saints
So many problems
Critics, the cops, and haters
But my bitch is cool

Sweet wireless love
Worth a fast drive towards her
Shiny Jewelery

A far-running hit
Never thought I'd meet that girl
Anchored Vice City

It's removable
A much needed apendage
Go! Projectile!

It's Jack, not Colgate
Prepare for a full night's fight
Blow my speakers up

You're violated
Now I'm nearer to my god
Let's fuck like two beasts
It's not a billboard
But it is a homophone
The best of the low

Thinking about you
Makes me want to sleep with you
Unsavory friends

A moment is gone
We're just dry dirt in the air
A mid-west ballad

Seventeen and sweet
She's the queen of the dance floor
And my bed, I hope

Maybe God's above
But love has taught me one thing
Outshoot when you lose

I dare you to laugh
Despite my name, I'm no girl
My fists will prove it